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India Visa Service Terms and Conditions

  1. Visa service fees are payable together with the India Consular charges with the applications which are exclusive of any India Consulate General’s charges whatsoever.

  2. India Visa Service’s will use its best endeavours and takes all the necessary steps when submitting the clients’ applications or documents on their behalf to the India Consular General.

  3. India Visa Service will not be liable for the delay or for the refusal of visa’s by the India Consulate due to

      • incomplete application forms or
      • incorrectly or falsely completed application forms or
      • inaccurate or incomplete supporting documentation

    it is the clients’ responsibility to ensure that the applications forms are correctly completed and the appropriate documents are submitted in accordance with the Consulate General of India requirements.

  4. The India Visa Service shall not be held acceptable or accept any liability for any India Consulate, subcontracted couriers, servants, or agents in the delay of visa’s issued.

  5. Any expense or cost incurred by the client as a result of delays or non – issuance shall not be the responsibility of the Indian Visa Service and shall not be accountable for any changes.

  6. Emergency visa’s applications will be submitted as per India Consulate’s requirements. India Visa Service will not be liable for failing to obtain emergency visas due to India Consulate constraints.

  7. In cases of visa refusals, full charges will be applicable. If India Consulate charges are refundable – they will be returned however please note handling and service charges will not be refunded.

  India Visa Service reserves the right to raise its charges at any time with or without prior   notice.

  A 3 % transaction fee will be incurred on all credit cards.

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